The Galley Workstation in Downtown Tulsa Condos

Look who’s moving downtown!  We’re excited to announce that the Galley Workstation will be featured in a new 18-unit condominium development coming soon to Tulsa.  Each high-efficiency unit will include a 4’ Galley Workstation and an induction cooktop, as well as a Murphy bed, hardwood floors, and a stacked washer and dryer.  The added counter space provided by the Galley is especially valuable in small kitchens like these.

Click here to check the project out for yourself.
100BoulderSee more photos of how the Galley reinvents small spaces!
Loft kitchen with a 4′ Galley
55 square foot kitchen with a 5 1/2′ Galley

Paper Towel Splatter Guard on Induction!

The pan cooking these two chicken breasts is sizzling hot… yet only when cooking on induction can you place paper towels beneath a hot pan on the cooktop to serve as a grease splatter-guard. WOW! Easy prep (thanks Galley), easy cooking, and talk about easy clean-up! Gotta love induction.
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 1.07.10 PM

Induction Cooking vs. Gas Cooking

People who prefer gas say the main reason is that they can control the flame. But with induction, we found that the control is even more precise than with gas! There are several other reasons we love induction: the cooktop is flat so serves as additional counter-space, it cooks faster (proof in the photo!), it does not throw heat into the room, it’s “green,” and of course, the temperature control is impeccable.

We had our own ‘race’ in the Galley Test Kitchen: Induction vs. Gas. Two identical pots each had 4 quarts of water and the burners were set on “high.” The results? The water heated by induction took 10 minutes to boil, and the gas burner took 23 minutes!

Do you prefer gas or induction, and why?
Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.13.25 AM

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Cook Time with Remmi

The Galley loves Cook Time with Remmi, she’s a great young lady with a strong passion for healthy cooking. She has already published her own cookbook, and she doesn’t even have her driver’s license! Check out this series of videos she filmed at a 4′ Galley (with a clean-up sink behind it!) for Sodexo that will be shown in schools all across the US:

Gain Kitchen Countertop

A question we often hear is, “will I lose counter space?“…well, do these photos answer that question? The Galley is not just a sink, it is a workstation. Add counter space with cutting boards, drain rack(s), or even with standard half-sheet trays (13 x 18) that fit on the lower-tier (7′ Galley shown here holds 6 trays). It is the perfect station to prep, cook, clean, and serve. Also, if you have an induction cooktop next to the Galley, that too is additional countertop!

Gain Kitchen Countertop

Thanksgiving At The Galley

This Galley made Thanksgiving a HUGE success! Every inch of this 5 1/2′ Galley and the induction cooktop was utilized to prep, cook and even be the counter-space to hold a mimosa. Look at that Galley buffet — now that is a lot of food!

Rollin’ Out The Dough At The Galley

Last weekend the Galley Test Kitchen was ‘rollin’ out the dough. Literally. In a non-Galley kitchen, it used to take about 8 hours to make 20 pumpkin rolls. But working at the 7′ Galley cut that time in half. WOW. The most time-saving factors were:
• the unused induction cooktops provided additional counter space
• half-sheet pans lined up conveniently in the lower-tier of the Galley
• cutting boards and the drain rack created the PERFECT amount of countertop space where needed
• the bowls for the pumpkin batter and frosting station

It really is all about function when you’re working at the Galley!

Induction Cooktop Becomes Countertop

While the rest of this 7′ Galley is being used to prep the other parts of the meal, we are able to use the induction cooktop as countertop that is right beside the Galley. Induction cooktop(s) next to a Galley is not only functional when cooking, but for prepping as well, as it serves as additional counter-space.